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Sarah and melissa

Sarah and Melissa is an ongoing creative collaboration between poet Sarah Suzor and photographer Melissa Kobe.  The nature of their creative collaboration is based on a two theme structure.  The one constant theme that does not change is THE CHANGING OF THE SEASONS.  The other theme changes with each desired project.


Their inaugural project, Am I surrounding you, centered around the natural elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

They are currently in production on a project titled The Feminine.

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The face of the feminine has always been a bit of an obsession for Kobe who grew up in the Catholic Church where the only female representation was that of virgin, mother or whore. Even as a young child, she felt those options did little to represent the richness of the female condition.

Kobe and Suzor decided on “The Feminine” as the current theme for their collaboration after “pussy-gate” was thrust upon us. The incident and aftermath triggered a passionate discussion which resulted in the two artists deciding to commit themselves down a road to explore what it means to be feminine and celebrate what that looks like in our world today.


As it so often is in life, we as people present that who we think we are, who we want to be or who we’re expected to be to the outside world.  We as women dye our hair, make our eyelashes longer, paint our faces, wear undergarments that shape our bodies to fit into whatever mold are trying to fit into. 


Artists Kobe and Suzor feel that those daily practices are essentially costumes designed to enhance the desired personas.  Once we shed those guises, are we not still women underneath it all?  What does it mean to be feminine once you’ve taken away all the paint, costumes and personas?

Mission Statement

This project is just that.  A project.  There is no expected outcome for the look or the shape the project will take visually or via written word… It is an exploration that will vary from shoot to shoot, and in the editing, writing and display process.


The current game plan is to shoot each model twice.  The first is how each woman feels she looks her best, whatever that means to her.  The second part of the shoot is in the nude after having showered and washed away her hair-do and makeup.  Although nudity is required of each model, each woman can show the camera what she’s comfortable with.  The model must also approve any images for use. 


News & Updates

Hey all! We have an upcoming shoot in LA 3/23 and 3/24. If you’re interested in posing, email Melissa for a time slot :)

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Sarah Suzor’s first full-length poetry collection, The Principle Agent, won the 2010 Hudson Prize offered by Black Lawrence Press. Her second full-length collection, After the Fox, is a collaboration between Suzor and Travis Cebula, and was also published by Black Lawrence in 2014. Her poetry, interviews and book reviews have been published and anthologized in a range of literary journals. She is the Founder and Owner of INK, LLC, a company that has successfully helped other writers not only complete their manuscripts, but also publish their books.  


Melissa Kobe is a professional photographer based in down town Los Angeles. Her shooting style tells stories that reveal deep truths with dignity and emotion. Her clients include well-known institutions and corporations as well as private individuals seeking to capture treasured memories and portraits. When not working, Melissa is plotting adventures near and far; backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail, regular day hiking and traveling to new destinations filled with food, beer and good people.   


Together Melissa and Sarah produced their first collaborative photography and poetry book, Am I surrounding you, in 2017. This initial project jumpstarted their current collaboration: The Feminine. While a response to on-going events in American culture, The Feminine is also intended to visually celebrate the diversity of the feminine form, as well as portray the range of courage, triumph and honesty in each subjects’ story.